Pre: Proposal

Alright so basically what I want to do is remove the autoleads from the wiki, something that has already been discussed and approved in the past. However, I wanted to mention this in the moot to make a plan on actually getting rid of them, since we haven't yet.

Actual Proposal

So basically, if we started removing autoleads now, it would be possible to fix about two quest templates a day. Computer caches update around every 24 hours, and one user could easily handle getting Oblivion and Daggerfall done in a day, and then Arena and Skyrim in a second day after that. The only real problem would be getting OnlineQuests, as it has a lot of pages. However, a user could get done with 1165 pages in a day, and a second user could help.

If Needed

We should get rid of Autoleads since they give users a harder time in creating articles. While they provide uniformity, they also provide a series of problems, namely against all notice templates, with the exception of Stub. The main issue that it causes a huge whitespacing issue, which is even less uniform with the wiki as a whole than if we let the page have it's own lead. (