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width       = 24
break       = no
buttonlabel = Create new page
preload     = User:The Crusader of Truth/PreloadTemplate


  • Align: Sets the alignment of the div which contains CreateBox. Defaults to center.
  • Break: If set to "yes", this inserts a line break between the text field and button.
  • Buttonlabel: Sets the text of the Create button.
  • Default: Sets the default text of the input box.
  • Editintro: Specifies a page title. The given page will be included prior to the submission form in the Edit screen.
  • Prefix: Specifies a title fragment, which will prefix the submitted title.
  • Preload: Specifies a page title. The contents of the given page will be preloaded into the submission form.
  • Width: Sets the width of the input box.


Original information from Wikimedia can be found here.